Hi, I'm Bill.

Senior studying Human-Computer Interaction @CMU.
Actively seeking Full-time opportunity to explore
Design for Inclusion & Transformation.


Responsive web app design for a farm share service
Case Study / Nourish
Role / UI designer, UX Designer
Duration / 4 weeks
Collaborator / Anisa Jibrell, Nali Huynh, Yang Cheng
Prototype futuristic Augmented-Reality experience
Case Study / AR @ CMU
Role / Prototyper, UX engineer
Duration / 3 weeks
Collaborator / Ahana Mukhopadhyay, Senhao Wang
Service Innovation with a hundred-year-old grocery store
Case Study / Penn Mac
Role / service designer, UX researcher
Duration / 4 weeks
Collaborator / Gloria Moon, Liza Yuliarti Yulizar, Nutan Jaiswal
Design Human-AI Collaboration in K-12 classrooms
Focus / Learning Science
Role / research Assistant
Authors / Kexin Bella Yang, LuEttaMae Lawrence, Vanessa Echeverria, Boyuan (Bill) Guo, Nikol Rummel, Vincent Aleven
Design IoT devices that support user privacy
Focus / User Privacy, IoT
Role / research Assistant
Authors / Haojian Jin, Boyuan (Bill) Guo, Rituparna Roychoudhury, Yaxing Yao, Swarun Kumar, Yuvraj Agarwal, Jason Hong
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