I am an interdisciplinary student with a background in computer science and design.

I’m a junior international student studying Human-computer Interaction (HCI) @ CMU.

I grew up in Qingpu, the suburb of Shanghai, China. Before college, I dreamed about becoming an architect who creates experiences through still architecture.

The interdisciplinary study in college motivated me to look beyond the physical space and innovate people-centered solutions in the digital world through dynamic interactions.

Combining my design, computer science, and HCI training, I became the creative technologist I am today.

I want to become a research-driven designer with a vision for futuristic technology and service.

Human-computer Interaction

I desire to create technologies that bring out the best of human ability. I was fortunate to pursue my interest in critical areas such as Smart Home Privacy, Algorithm Bias, and Human-AI collaboration with groups @HCII.

Service Innovation

I believe good service design is key to introducing new technologies. I enjoy innovating services that offer balanced values to all relevant stakeholders through observation, reflection, and implementation.

I believe learning is an ongoing, voluntary, and lifelong practice.


I picked up some UX skills from Ken Holstein & Lea Albaugh's amazing class on on prototyping algorithmic experience.


Currently, I am practicing skiing with help from my friend Kevin Luo.

I'd love to hear what you think!


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